When you’re posting content to social channels remember the following:

  • Be yourself, be transparent and speak the truth
  • Remember you are a representative of your country, team, and, if you are in education, your university or college
  • Do not post any content that is angry, racist, abusive or in breach of the local law or customs (this includes the country you are playing in)
  • Do not post any content that is critical of the other teams, referees, your team mates and This can bring your team into disrepute
  • Always express ideas and opinions in a respectful manner and make sure your communications are in good taste
  • Use common sense when linking to websites, videos and Redirecting to another site may imply an endorsement of its content – think about your sponsors
  • When confronted with a different opinion, stay Don’t pick fights, and correct mistakes

you make when needed

  • Be careful with personal Think twice about what you are prepared to reveal. What might not seem important today might become an issue tomorrow

Although using social media is perfectly safe when you follow these guidelines, ignoring them can have dangerous consequences:

  • You could lose sponsorship
  • You could make negative headlines in the press
  • Your competitors, fans, team mates or coach could be offended and your public profile damaged
  • Your future career as a hockey player could be jeopardised
  • Your information could be stolen
  • You could inadvertently break the law
Guidelines | FIH Social Media Guidelines