This guide has been put together using a traffic light system so it’s easier for you to navigate. Depending on your experience in social media already, different sections of this guide will be more relevant to you. There sections are described below.

Red – I need help starting

Amber – I am getting there

Green – I’m there but would like tips

Red – If you need help setting up your social media accounts start with the Red section. Including setting up an athlete Facebook page instead of a personal one.


Amber – Will give you guidance on how to grow your following on social media and how to speak to your audience. Along with some best practice examples for you to get a feel for how to do it right.


Green – Skip to the green section if you are already set up and posting regularly on your athlete social media accounts. This will give tips from the experts on how to engage more with your audience and grow your channels even more.

Set up profiles and pages on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and/or any other social media networks that are popular in your country (e.g. Facebook, Weibo and Snow).

As a general rule, it is best to use your name instead of an obscure nickname – this makes it easy for you to be found.

Make it as short as possible and be sure to upload a profile picture when you set up your accounts – one of you playing hockey always looks good!

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Getting Started | FIH Social Media Guidelines