Things to Tweet

When talking on Twitter, apply the same rules as you apply to real life – if you wouldn’t say it to people in person, don’t say it on Twitter!

If you will be tweeting about a specific event, we recommend you send FIH a message (@FIH_Hockey) to tell us. Send something like:

@FIH_Hockey I’m signed up to Twitter – going to be Tweeting during the Hockey World League!

 Then we can let everyone know that you are tweeting about hockey and about specific competitions.

It’s up to you how much you talk and what you talk about – some prominent athletes use it as a commentary for their lives, telling people where they are, what they are doing, how they are feeling, almost everything they do. Some others just use it talk to fans about games and practices. Fans love to know more about the life of an international athlete, so this is certainly a good starting point.

Check out our content guidelines later in this document for more general guidance. Finally, as with Facebook, followers love photos and videos!

For more help on tweeting photos and videos check out Twitter support:

A GIF is a moving image made out of a few stills, and can be added much like an image can to a tweet. Twitter provides a library of a few popular ones for you to start with. Click on GIF icon in your compose tweet box.

Polls: You can also tweet a poll question to your followers, though these are usually more popular with large companies or personalities who have many thousands of followers. Simply click on ‘poll’, type your question and then a minimum of two or maximum of four answers. You can set the poll to run for any length from five minutes to a week.

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