Connecting more with your fans

Videos – Twitter is about micro-blogging – getting your message out quickly and limiting you to short posts. Keep your videos short and fun.

Twitter Stickers
– When you add a photo you can now add a fun sticker. Tap the sticker icon 😀 and browse the library for available stickers. Tap and hold your finger on your sticker to move it around. You can rotate and re-size by pinching and turning with your fingers. To delete a sticker drag it to the bottom of photo – the trash icon 🗑️will appear. Once its sent the stickers can’t be edited. You can add up to 25 stickers in one photo. It also makes your posts more searchable in a new timeline with other posts using the same stickers – acting like a visual hashtag. Try the hockey stick! 🏑

Vine – Vine is an app, owned by Twitter, that lets users create and share six-second videos by pressing and holding your finger down on the screen. Even though videos are limited to six seconds, you can start and stop recording as many times as you like during that time to include several different scenes. Vine videos also include trending hashtags, which make exploring content on the platform easier, and boasts verified badges for high-profile users.

You can post your Vine loop direct to Twitter from the Vine app

Periscope –  is a live video streaming app also owned by Twitter. Periscope users have the option to tweet out a link to their Live Stream and works in a similar way to Facebook live

Who does it well?

Get some inspiration from these accounts:

LeBron James: 34 Million followers

Serena Williams: 7.6 Million followers

Connecting more with your fans | FIH Social Media Guidines