Promote your Snapchat to your other social channels

Let your fans know on your other established social accounts that you are now using Snapchat. You can also take your Snapcode and turn it into a creative image to use as a profile picture for all of the various places where your fans engage with you: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. The Snapcode makes it easy for fans to quickly connect with and add you on Snapchat.

Best ways to promote your Snapchat account:

  • Add your Snapcode to your social media profile photos.
  • Add your Snapcode to your website.
  • Use Snapchat content for promotion. Download it on your phone and upload it to other social media channels or your website.
  • Encourage fans to share your Snapchat account (Snapcode) on their social media channels.

When you promote your Snapchat, be sure to tell your followers to introduce themselves. Just ask your friends to say ‘hi’ and introduce themselves. This is a great way to jumpstart that one-on-one engagement and create strong relationships.

You snapchat score: Your score shows two numbers in the format “sent | received.”

Promote your Snapchat to your other social channels | FIH Social Media Guidines