Getting set up

Snapchat is a very simple real-time app that shows ‘in the moment’ experiences. What is specific to this app is that your content (Snaps) will automatically be deleted 24 hours after it’s been recorded. In January, Snapchat had seven billion daily video views, while that number grew to 10 billion in January 2017 ( In comparison, Facebook has eight billion daily video views.

Download the app from your phones app store. Snapchat is really simple to use. When you start your application, it goes into full screen mode.

Add contacts from your phone numbers. Then you can also add celebrities and organisations. By scanning the ghost icon, you can connect with that person directly.

Adjust your privacy settings to allow people to view your story.

All you need to do from there is create Snaps on which you can write, draw, add emoticons, use filters, etc. You can create photos or videos (just hold the snap button for videos). The more creative you are the better. Tip: avoid horizontal snapping as it annoys viewers.

Screenshots: When taking a screenshot of a photo the other person will be notified. The same applies if someone takes a screen shot of what you have sent – you will be notified.

Getting set up | FIH Social Media Guidines