Developing your account

Now you are set up and know the basics it’s time to develop your account further.

Reposts: You can repost other user’s photos. You can do this by using a repost app, it is a good idea to credit the person who took the photo, the app will help you do this.

Selfies: Selfie, a self-portrait photograph has become a massive trend on Instagram. Team selfies in competitions or at training would be good content for your account. The Ellen DeGeneres selfie from the Oscars got almost three million retweets!

Hastags: are also popular on Instagram. Use them to help people find you post and therefore increase your exposure. It is a good idea to include hastags of things that are already trending on Instagram e.g. #me, #love, #tbt, #follow, #followme, #photooftheday, #happy, #selfie and of course, our current FIH hastags.

Developing your account | FIH Social Media Guidines