Building your following and brand

Instagram is a visual platform so the quality of your photos are very important to make your account more appealing to your community.

Here are a few tips to improve your phoneography skills:

  • Simple but important, wipe your phone lens regularly to get clearer shots.
  • Try to take the photos in good lighting.
  • Use your brightness and contrast controls to make the image crisper.
  • Go for an intense pop of colour by using the Instagram inbuilt filters, or filters from another app.
  • Be creative!

Boomerang/DSCO: are apps that can create fun GIFs and effects for Instagram. Play around and have fun with them.

Top tips for growing your account:

  • Post consistently.
  • Use themes already in place like #tbt throwback Thursday or #fbf Flashback Friday.
  • Study trends and use the correct hashtags.
  • Share some user generate content.
  • Use the right filters.
  • Tag a friend or influential users.
  • Incorporate videos and gifs.
  • Link to Instagram from your other social accounts.
  • Like other photos in your niche – it encourages others to follow you.
  • Create a theme for your account – this will probably be hockey, training and your life. It can also extend to how the photos look and colour themes.
  • Respond to comments and comment on others posts – increasing your engagement.
  • Why not ask a question and ask them to like a photo if they agree?
  • Approach other popular users and collaborate!

Who does it well?

Get some inspiration from these accounts:

Usain Bolt 5.4 Million followers                  

Alex Morgan 4.2 Million followers               

Building your following and brand | FIH Social Media Guidines